Akhrot benefits in pregnancy

What Does Akhrot Means ??

akhrot in english

Hello  Reader, I Welcome Again From The Core Of My heart.Today, what we are Going to discuss About Akhrot Benefits, Uses and effects.First If You Have Visit My  Blog first time I suggest You Check Benefits of saffron tea

Types Of Akhrot

benefits of eating akhrot daily

There Are Mainly Two Type Of Akhrot One Is Hard Shelled Akhrot and Another Is Soft Shelled Akhrot Both are Available In The Market Of India.

Akhrot in Hindi  

Walnuts Are Known As Akhrot and Its Seeds Are Known as Giri Combination of Akhrot and Giri Makes Complete Akhrot. Akhrot Is Well Known In India For Its Healthy effects and Benefits. From Diabetic To Pregnant Ladies, Akhrot works Like gem.

Akhrot also Help In Brain improvements For Brain For Your  Children and women. Just we will Look at Various Health Benefits and Advantages of Taking Akhrot.

akhrot benefits in hindi

  • Akhrots From Kashmir Are Mainly rich In Omega 3, fatty acids and proteins Which Helps In Brain Development In Children.
  • Eating Akhrot On Daily Basis controls blood And Helps In Reducing cholesterol, Which Is Good For Your  Pregnancy.
  • Activeness and  Reduced inflammation Who Eats regularly in Those people who eats Akhrot Giri.
  • Akhrot Helps In Blood pressure Which is The another benefit For Pregnant Ladies, Often blood pressure can become a problem During later Stages Of Pregnancy So For maintaining the Blood Pressure Take Regularly Saffron and Akhrot
  • Eating Fresh and Pure Akhrot Giri Which Provides Large Amount of protein and fiber, Which Is Very beneficial For Pregnant Ladies
  • Akhrot Comes From Mountains and Hilly Areas So by Nature Akhrot Have copper Which can help with proper Growth For Baby.
  • Akhrot Acts As blood purifying agent For Pregnant Ladies.
  • During Pregnancy we often see wrinkles in the faces of women,by taking akhrot daily in the morning with milk it helps them to reduce wrinkles in the face.
  • Women often Feel In Depression During the Period Of Pregnancy, Having akhrot it helps in reducing Depression.

Side Effects Of having Akhrot During pregnancy

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Walnut Or Akhrot has No Side Effect If it Is Taken By Precautions or By Doctors Advices However There are Few Risks During Pregnancy While Taking Akhrot. Here are These :

  • Walnuts Are By Nature Very Hot and During Pregnancy Just take walnut Not too Much excess and You will Face Problems With It as It Is Natural and Pure From Taken Fresh From Kashmir.
  • Akhrot Can Cause Skin Infection If you Eat Over The Limit Per Day.
  • Walnut Can Cause urination Problem  If You Take Much More Than Required.
  • When we eat Walnut Its Taste is Pretty Good And Your Mouth will Say I want to eat More and more But Don’t take In Excess, You Will Face Hotness in your Body.

Where To Buy High Quality Akhrot with Affordable Price

akhrot benefits in hindi

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