Badam-Almond Wholesale Price In India

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Kashmir Insights Is Well Authentic and Tells You to ground Situation About Almonds. According To Kashmir Traders, Kashmiri Walnuts Have Superior Quality And Well Demand In The Market Of India. There Is More Demand of Kashmiri dry Fruits as Compared to foreign dry Fruits. Kashmiri Almonds Have good Quality, Sweet and More oil than foreign Almonds.

Almonds In Kashmir are Pure, Hardworking and Self Made Farmers That Is Why It has Huge Sort Of Demand In The Market Of India and Outside India. Here We Will go Through Different Price and also Tell You Where You Can Purchase Best Quality Sweet and Sour Types Of Best almonds.

The Jammu and Kashmir state Grows cultivation of walnuts. Almonds Tree From Kashmir Has a Long Span period of walnut trees. They Can Survive as long as 50 years.

Buy Original Almonds From Kashmir

Kashmiri Badam Price In Detail

Almonds Price in India :

Mamra Almonds :

Almonds 1 Kg Almonds 2 Kg Almonds 5 Kg
Rs 600 to Rs 1000 ( approx 15$) Rs 1200 to Rs 2000(Approx 29$) Rs 4000 To Rs 6000( Approx 100$)

Kakzi Almonds

Almonds 1 Kg Almonds 2 Kg Almonds 5 Kg
Rs 700 To Rs 1000( approx 15$) Rs 1500 To Rs 2000( approx 26$) Rs 3000 To Rs 5000( approx 90$)

These Price Lists are Best In Market with pure Quality and Top Badam which are Not Usually Available in the Market of India.

How To Buy Online Kashmiri Badam

Talking about Online Kashmiri Badam Its Is Very Rare You Will Get Pure Quality Of Kashmiri Badam online Usually In the Market There Seems to Be Some Impurity in Almonds and Have Less Quality. However, If You want to Purchase Good Quality Of Online Kashmiri badam then I Suggest To Buy from Kashmir Online Store. Why the Kashmir Online store? Because Kashmir Online Store has Its Own Fields Of Almonds, Saffron, And Walnuts. They Have Kashmir Origin Venture and Purely tested From FSSI.

Kashmir Online Store Gives You 100% Original and Best Quality Badam with Cash On Delivery Through Out India. It also Provides Free Shipping all over India. If You any Questions related to Kashmiri Badam Price and Almond Wholesale Price In India Feel free to ask I will Surely help You.

Thank you and Good Luck

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