Benefits of Saffron ( Kesar) During Pregnancy

Saffron During Pregnancy

saffron during pregnancy 1 gram

Saffron is the king of spices also recognized as Kasar. As per the research and history, Saffron is often recommended to take Saffron during pregnancy for its medical benefits. Rendering the traditional customs, pregnant ladies are being given saffron in the milk, thinking that the fetus is going to be extremely fair. Yes, absolutely right It Has Some Medical Value Which Is Best For child’s skin complexion is because of his genes & the melanin amount present in our skin. So, saffron Plays an Important role in our fetus’ skin color. Taking Raw and Pure saffron through pregnancy will Diffently Some lead to a glowing fair baby  The complexion should not matter.

So, let’s consider the following:

  • Medical values of saffron

  • When and how to use saffron

  • How to test saffron while buying

Medical values of saffron:

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  1. The medical values of “Saffron” support in digestion & improve appetite throughout pregnancy.
  2. The most popular herb is recognized as the source of Vitamin A and C with folic acid.
  3. If we’ve to use saffron to help in digestion, we may consume it, as the process of digestion is slow during pregnancy.
  4. Pregnant women are usually anemic. Saffron is loaded with iron and can boost our hemoglobin levels. It is significant for the growth of RBC’s during pregnancy.
  5. Saffron and milk have the virtuous amount of calcium, this will keep us healthy and help our baby’s bone and skin development.
  6. Regular consumption of saffron will boost hemoglobin in the blood. This unique property of saffron is something that we’ve to use to our advantage.
  7. Saffron is the natural anti-spasmodic and painkiller, it relaxes muscles, soothes cramps, and relieves joint pain allowing to enjoy our pregnancy.
  8. Hormonal fluctuations badly affect the hairs, causing the fall off in the clumps. Many pregnant women profess they aid hair growth and reduces hair fall by using the paste of milk, Licorice, and saffron. Apply the paste on the bald spots and then sit back and revel in our lustrous hair growth.
  9. Saffron, milk, and sandalwood paste might cure cold and fever when applied on the forehead.
  10. During pregnancy, teeth & gums may hurt, it’s common during pregnancy. We might brush our teeth with a tweak of saffron crushed in the tablespoon of milk or water or massage it on our gums to release pain twice a day.
  11. Saffron with milk is highly effective when taken in the morning.

When and how to use Saffron:

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  • We might start taking 3 or 4 threads of saffron from second month/Trimester.
  • Saffron we eat should be soaked in one mug of milk overnight for eight hours.
  • If we face difficulty in digesting milk then we might add a few threads of the saffron in our cooking.

How to test Saffron while buying and Where To Buy Pure Quality Fresh Saffron( Kesar)

Saffron During Pregnancy

  • Split the threads onto the fresh tissue paper and rub 3 or 4 threads of saffron inside the tissue. If the tissue’s color gets yellow, we are buying the real Saffron.
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  • Real and Orginal Never Expires.

Please do remember each pregnancy is unique it is always good to check with the doctor before including Saffron in the diet.

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