Best Kashmiri Handicrafts products

If You are visiting Srinagar and If You Don’t Go For Handicrafts Shop Then Your Seriously Missing Something Good. Kashmir Portrays the vast range of handicrafts of Kashmir. There Are Various Shops in Heart Of The City In Which You Can Check Wide Range Of  Rugs, Pashmina, Shawls, Leather Jackets and Many Other Handmade Products.

Kashmiri carpets Design

Kashmir Has witness So Much Of Talent In Handicrafts, Art, and Paper Mache. Normally we will Talk Some of The Pure and High-Quality Kashmiri Handicrafts Products and Its Specification.

Types Of Kashmiri carpets Design and Price Range

Kashmiri Handicrafts products

If You Want To buy Kashmiri Carpet You Must Know that Kashmiri carpets are a long time investments. It Depends Upon The Person To Person and Budget To Budget. Further,It Can Cost You Small as Handkerchief Price Or Big As You Go for Kashmir For Tour. But one thing is sure if you didn’t buy a carpet You will Be Missing a World Class Product Which Are Usually hand Made Products Of Kashmir And Take So Many Months To Build One Kashmir Carpet Design.
Talking about the Guide For Design there are mainly Two Types Of Kashmiri Carpet Silk and Wool Carpet. Both Products Has Its Own Charm and Value.
Kashmir Silk Carpet Ranges From (From 500$ to 3000$ ) Depending Upon the Size and work on The carpet while as Kashmir Woolen Carpet Ranges From ( 200$ To 2000$) Rs 10,000 to Rs.120000.

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What are Kashmiri shawls and Why Are They So Popular?


It is Because Of the Fact that Kashmiri Shawls are Made Of Pure Woolen Sheep Fabrics which Is usually Referred As “Pham” In Kashmir which Means Thread. Pashmina Shawls Are The Most Beautiful, Soft and Good Looking Shawls In the world and Are Very rarely available in The Market which Makes  Kashmir Shawls Popular In India as well In the World.

Kashmir Pure Pashmina Shawl Price

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Kashmir Pashmina Shawl Is not easy To Recognise. If You Want To Buy Pure Pashmina Shawls you Should Need a Guide to Check Wheather the Shawl Is Pure Or not. You Can Contact Us. We Will Guide You Properly Where and How You Can Buy Pure Pashmina Shawls Both Offline and Online as We Are from Kashmir and We Are Well Aware of Recognizing Pure Pashmina Shawls. Pure Pashmina  Shawls are usually used in Winter but Can be Used In Summers Also While Going On party Wear.

There are Also Half Pashmina Shawls Available In the market however They Are Slightly Cheaper But they Have Also Well Ranged and Good Quality Products Which Usually Ranges From Need and Budget.

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Kashmiri kadai Suits and  Embroidery Designer Suits

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Kashmir Is Very Famous In Designing Embroidery Types Suits. Kashmiri Embroidery Suits are 2 types

  • Machine ( Design Within 30 Minutes )
  • Handmade Suits (Takes Almost 30 To 40 Days To make One Suits )

Price Embroidery Designer Suits

Machine Designed Kashmiri Based Suits Ranges From 10$ (Rs 600) To 50$ (Rs 3000 ) At Max. But in Case If You Wana Buy Full Handwork Embroidery Designer Suits Then It Ranges Starts From 3000(50$ ) To 50000(1000$) Every More Depending Upon The Work In the Suits. More Embroidery work more Will be The Cost of The Suits. Stay Connected We Will Bring more Posts About Kashmiri Kadai Suits and where You Can Buy Online At Affordable Price both Handmade and Machine Made Work.


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