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best Brand Saffron in India

Saffron In India: People translate It with “Kesar” Which Have Best Medicinal Value for Babies, Pregnant women, Hair Loss and Weight Loss. Saffron For Babies which Makes Baby Fairer and Make Baby Physically and mentally Strong. Doctors usually Suggest For Pregnant Women. Saffron Contains Some unique Ayurvedic  Properties Which Helps  Hair Growth and At Last For Weight This Mighty awesome Natural Which Kills The Fat.

Best Saffron Brand in India /Famous saffron brands

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Taking about The Brand where You Can Get pure With 100% Quality Kashmiri Kesar.I Suggest To go Search Out Bharat Kesar Company and Kashmir Online Store They Have Quality Products With Natural And Pure Kesar

Taking about the Saffron Price

Kashmiri Saffron Usually Ranges From Rs250 ( approx 5$ ) To 400 ( approx 8 $ ) Per Gram. Bharat Kesar Company and Kashmir Online Give you Door To Door Sevices And You Can Purchase  With Few Clicks. Thank you Have A Nice. I also Suggest To check  Our Recent Posts about Saffron Below

Best Saffron Brand During Pregnancy

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Every Pregnant Indian woman Wants To have a Healthier and Fairer baby and Almost every woman wants To Take Good quality Saffron which Is Avaialable in india.Kashmir Is The Place where you Can Take Better Quality Saffron which Is Best And Super Quality Saffron Especially for Pregnant women.So Go For Kashmir Online Store  which will Give Top Notch with quality Saffron. Saffron/Kesar Can Be Affordable and This website has Cash On Delivery Service Through It.

Benefits Of Using Saffron During Pregnancy Which Is Best Brand Saffron In India

Pregnant Woman Always Wants My Baby Should provide Good Quality Nutrition for Better Health and Growth. Saffron Is Main Factor For Using During pregnancy. Even Some say That Saffron Makes Baby Fairer and Good In Mothers Womb.

Saffron Has Ayurvedic effect which helps Makes Pregnant Women mentally and Physically Strong.It also Takes Good Care of Heartbeat, Rashes, Depression and Many Other Effects Which only Happen During period Of Pregnancy.

Saffron ( Kesar) that stays the costliest spice of the world, is obtained from the flowers of Crocus Sativus. Flowering around ending October to November, Harvesting is done and the stigmas are obtained to be dried.

A kilogram of saffron that has nearly 110,000 to 150,000 flowers plucked needs 40 straight hours of labor.

Kashmir remains one of the best worlds producers of Saffron and the only this region cultivates that Saffron in India.

Kashmiri Saffron has extremely dark maroon-purplish hue. And smells somewhat like hay.

Served within various dishes, Saffron has various Culinary as well as medicinal benefits.

What Is One gram Saffron Price:

Just to obtain one gram of Saffron, 150 flowers are plucked. All with the manual labor. No machines or devices are required in between, nor is any used.

Pure Kashmiri Saffron of one gram quantity will cost you nearly 300 rupees. You Can

Ten grams Saffron Price:

Nearly 1500 to 1600 flowers are picked and from those stigmas are removed to obtain Ten grams of Kashmiri Saffron. Kashmiri Saffron is costly than rest of the types for it gives a deeper colour and valour. Its cost is nearly rupees 2000.

Mind that you don’t end up buying fake Saffron. A handy test involves putting A Saffron thread in water, if the color loses fast it is Original and It will Never change its red Colour but will Give Yellowish Colour So fast.

 Should I buy Saffron from any Store or Online? :

Talking about India, only Kashmir Supports the Cultivation of Saffron. So if you really want to purchase the original product, book your tickets to the state. You can very well have the cultivar from the fields itself.

However, buying something offline needs much more money in comparison to make purchases online. So place your order online comes off the shelf.

Now since the technology revolution has taken place, Kashmiri Saffron growers have set their store online too Called Kashmir Online Store . So that it is easier for people belonging to any part of the state to purchase the spice.

Saffron During Pregnancy

Having Saffron with Dry fruits Like Almonds and walnuts Will make You Internally Strong and Energetic  and you will feel Good After Taking good diet Which Is actually Suitable while Pregnancy period.

Kesar also Helps In Proper Digestion during Pregnancy stages and You can Have Kehwa Tea Which Is Made Up saffron Which Is Also Beneficial For Babies.

Kashmir Is The Best Place To buy Physically in Pampore Area Where Saffron Is Grown in Huge quantity.

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