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Saffron In India: 

People translate It to “Kesar” which is the Best spice in terms of the medicinal Value it provides for Babies, Pregnant women, those who suffer from Hair Loss, and to those who want to lose Weight.

Saffron is long known to be consumed by the pregnant women to have fairer  Babies. It is Suggested by the doctors to have a Physically and mentally Strong child.

Saffron Contains Some unique Ayurvedic  Properties Which Helps  in Hair Growth. There are some chemicals as well that miraculously aid in weight loss by Killing The Fat.

Best Brand Saffron In india

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Before We Can Proceed Further We Will Look First at Saffron Price

Saffron Price

Kashmiri Saffron Usually Ranges From Rs250 ( approx. 5$ ) To 400 ( approx. 8 $ ) Per Gram Depending upon the area and the location. Before Price, you First need to know the Authenticity of Saffron and its origin; whether it is Kashmiri, Irani, Spanish Or Afghani. The Costliest Saffron Is the Kashmiri Kesar, followed by The Spanish variety, then Iranian and Then Afghani . Each of the varieties can be found in the Indian Market but its hard for the consumers to Detect its origin as the Spice Looks nearly Same. 

A kilogram of saffron that has nearly 110,000 to 150,000 flowers plucked needs 40 straight hours of labor. This is the for its high cost. 

Kashmiri Saffron is the best in the world. It is known for its taste and strong aroma it adds to the food.

If You Want to get the best and 100% authentic and tested Saffron, here is the link Below From which you Can Buy From them they are very Authentic and Collect From Farmers of Saffron Town In India.

Kashmiri Saffron online

Best Saffron Brand During Pregnancy

Every Pregnant Indian woman Wants To have a Healthier and Fairer baby and Almost every woman wants To Take Good quality Saffron which Is Available in India. Saffron Has Ayurvedic effects which makes the Pregnant Women mentally and Physically Strong. Futhermore, it deals with many issues related to pregnancy like irregular Heartbeat, Rashes, Depression etc. A Pregnant Woman will always wants her baby to have a better growth and quality nutrition. Saffron makes sure of that. 

There are numerous varieties of Saffron available in the Markets of India, promoted by various Brands. These brands sell the product from different Countries. In  fact, imported Iranian Saffron has a lesser cost than that of the Original Kashmiri Saffron, which is a treat to get. You can get the authentic Kashmiri Saffron from the Kashmir Online Store which is a Pampore based online shopping stop for original Saffron by the Saffron Cultivators themselves.

   Kashmiri Saffron has extremely dark maroon-purplish hue. And smells somewhat like hay. Served within various dishes, Saffron has various Culinary as well as medicinal benefits. This is how you can identify Kashmiri Saffron Among the other varieties. 

Best organic saffron brand in India

Benefits Of Using Saffron During Pregnancy


Women in Pregnancy have many issues to cope up with. From the change in Hormones Causing mood swings to weird health issues, they face a lot. Saffron is Very much essential in treating all this. Saffron is a mood enhancer, giving the feeling of peace. It is evident that change in hormones cause varying sleep patterns. However, if One Consumes saffron milk during pregnancy, she will have a good and sound sleep. Furthermore, saffron treats nausea and help in keeping blood pressure in check. 

If You Prefer buying from the India’s most trusted ecommerce platform, here is the link.

Best Saffron For Babies

Saffron Flowers

Saffron is Extremely essential for the pregnant women. Mothers from the Indian  Household would essentially feed their daughters with Saffron Milk when expecting a baby. The belief is that the Saffron milk makes the baby beautiful and health. It boosts the mental development as well as the physical development. Though Saffron is mostly used as just a Spice, but it provides much more than just the taste. 

Saffron is rich in Antioxidants that help in beautification and getting a clean charm. So whether or not you give saffron milk to your kids above the age of 5, but it can be definitely added by the Pregnant in their later trimesters.    

Saffron in babies help tackle many respiratory problems. It gives them the sense of the calm and feeling of ease when in blues of the health.

Best Saffron For Hair Loss

Saffron For Hair

Saffron aids in Hair growth. However, for getting hair growth benefits we must directly apply kesar on scalp. However, it must be added with licorice. You can make a paste out of it or use warm saffron water just like the oil.  


Best Saffron For Weight Loss

Saffron Curbs the appetite which aids in weight loss. It blocks the fat digestion with gives the feeling of fulness.  Saffron Added in Green tea is highly recommended for weight loss. It enhances the fat burning action and helps keeping away the ageing signs.

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