Delhi To Srinagar Train (Full Proper Guide )

Delhi-Srinagar Train:

delhi to srinagar bus review

Actually, to quote this as the heading of my article won’t be sitting in a perfect place- because of the fact that no train goes directly from Delhi to Srinagar. To join Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the country. I will tell what will be the Best Way To fin Delhi-Srinagar Train and we will walk Through entire jammu and Kashmir From Delhi To Srinagar Step by Step.

Kashmir Railway Project:   

With its motive being connecting the Summer capital (Srinagar) with the one for Winter, the Kashmir Railway Project has 30 stations, serving 10-12 trains a day. The Kashmir Railway Line has four sections. The first connecting  Jammu to Udhampur, followed by Udhampur to Katra, followed by Katra to Qazigund, followed by Qazigund to Baramulla. This railway track went fully functional in the year 2016 with the total route length equal to 345 Km.

The completion of this project has provided all-weather and reliable connectivity to the state of Jammu & Kashmir, providing ease to reach Kashmir valley when struck by snow- acting as a cheap source of transportation. Laying down railways in such terrain couldn’t have been an easy task as it passes through the major earthquake zones and extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, extensions are always welcomed, one being the track development from Katra to Banihal- to be completed by the year 2020.

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Delhi to Srinagar distance by train:

jammu to srinagar by train

Srinagar is located at a distance of about 831 Km from Delhi. The journey is about of 13 hours timeline. The route Is Bit Hilly areas And Lot Of People From Adventure Type and Locals Mostly Prefer To travel Via Sumo,Mostly Widely Used Tavera,Scorpio ,Xylo and Best ever Innova.

One can directly get a train from New Delhi to Jammu which takes around 10 hours to reach the latter I usually Night Train Due and I think its The Best Time to Travel To Jammu and You Can Go Kashmir Right From The Morning . From there on, Jammu Tawi railway station is at the distance of 297 Km from Srinagar- which is going to take you 5 hours, if you wish to travel by bus/ private cabs and only three hours if you choose to travel by train.

Delhi to Srinagar Train route:

delhi to srinagar road distance

For travelling from Delhi to Srinagar, one needs to reach New Delhi railway station. Train if leaves at 2.10 PM Via Garib Rath Express reaches Amritsar at 4:54 PM passing by 2 stops on the way- travelling ahead to Ludhiana where it will reach at 7.50 PM. From there on one has to board the mail express which will take you to Tawi passing through Jalandhar, Pathankot and Kathua- reaching Tawi by 1.30 am.

Detailed Delhi To Srinagar Train route:

delhi to srinagar train

From central Delhi, the Train leaves through Narela to Sonipat. After reaching Sonipat it has to pass via Gannaur, Samalkha and Diwana to reach Panipat. From Panipat, the train has to leave via Gharaunda to reach Karnal. From Karnal train leaves for Jhanjari to Nilokheri to reach Kurukshetra. Passing through Sharifgarh, Shahbaad Markanda and Mohra train reach its another destination- Ambala. From Ambala, the train has to leave for rajpura – travelling to Uksi from where the train leaves for Sirhind. From there on to reach to Ludiana it has to pass  MandiGobindgarh, Khanna, doraha and pawa. To reach Jalandhar it continues to travel via Phillaur, goraya, Phagwara. After reaching Jalandhar it continues its travel, heading towards Pathankot passing through Bhogpur, Urmar Tanda, dasuya, pandori, Mukerji, bhangala, Harse Mansar and then Mohtali.  From Pathankot, travelling alongside NH44, one has to cross sujanpur and Madhopur to reach Kathua. Bharwal, Hira Nagar, gagwal, samba, vijaypur, gurha slathian needs to be crossed to reach tawi Jammu.  

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Heading Towards Kashmir ( HillyWay while Traveling )

From Jammu, one can opt for a bus Or I Suggest go with Tavera or Innova Usually Costs from 1000 to 2000 Per Head to Srinagar which will take you 5 long hours still. Yet if you prefer to train you to have to continue your journey from Tawi to Udhampur- taking you 1 hour 10 mins to reach the next halt.

However, what one needs to keep in mind is that the railway line from Udhampur to Banihal is still under construction and is supposed to be completed by the year 2020. To continue the journey further one has to Banihal via bus/sumo/cabs. From where the journey by train can be restored.

Banihal To Srinagar ( Most Beautiful Railway with Tunnels In Built)

From Banihal to Srinagar it is going to take you 1 hour and 48 mins. The train passes through bijbehara, pampore- Nowgam. From where you can take cabs/taxi/sumo to go to your destined get.

Note: If You Are Traveling During Summer Take Some Jackets Or One Sweater with Yourself You will feel Good and may Need to wear It.If Your Traveling During I Must recommend Take Good Heavy Woolen Clothes,Leather Jackets and Thermals With Yourself

Delhi to Srinagar Train Name:

delhi to srinagar distance

On daily basis, three trains are running between Delhi to Jammu. However, on the weekends the counts gets incremented to 13. The first train- 02451 Kanpur Central Jammu Tawi Premium, departs from New delhi to Tawi Jammu at 2.35 AM reaching Jammu at 13.40 PM.

Rourkela Muri Jammu Tawi Express 18109 is the slowest of all trains taking 16 long hours to reach Jammu. It departs from Delhi at 22.00 PM reaching Jammu at 1:00 PM.

Nevertheless,12265 Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto is the fastest train on the route, leaving at 22:15 PM and reaching the destination by 07:10 AM.

Delhi to Srinagar Train List With timings:


Train No. Name Departure Stn (Time) Arrival Stn (Time) Trip Time
14033    Jammu Mail Delhi (20:10) Jammu Tawi (09:15) 13h 5m
14645         Shalimar Express Delhi (15:50) Jammu Tawi (05:15) 13h 25m
12265 Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto Delhi S Rohilla (22:15) Jammu Tawi (07:10) 8h 55m
12471 Swaraj Express H Nizamuddin (04:10) Jammu Tawi (14:45) 10h 35m
12477 Jam Jammu Tawi Express H Nizamuddin


Jammu Tawi (14:45) 10h 35m
12475 Hapa Jammu Tawi Express H Nizamuddin (04:10) Jammu Tawi (14:45) 10h 35m
12473 Sarvodaya Express H Nizamuddin (04:10) Jammu Tawi (14:45) 10h 35m
12413 Ajmer Junction Jammu Tawi Express Delhi Cantt (21:15) Jammu Tawi (08:10) 10h 55m
02451 Kanpur Central Jammu Tawi Premium Delhi (02:35) Jammu Tawi (13:40) 11h 5m
18109 Rourkela Muri Jammu Tawi Express Delhi (22:00) Jammu Tawi (14:10) 16h 10m
11449 Jammutawi Express Tuglakabad (21:55) Jammu Tawi (13:10) 15h 15m
16031 Andaman Express Tuglakabad (21:55) Jammu Tawi (13:10) 15h 15m
12919 Malwa Express H Nizamuddin (04:37) Jammu Tawi (16:05) 11h 28m

All of the above were the ways to reach Jammu from Delhi opting Train as the transport medium. Train Journey to this part of the world is beautiful as one has to cross the majestic mountain ranges- Pir Panjal, the name has the might itself- needs to be crossed to reach Srinagar. Although one can take the flight from New Delhi directly, those who choose to travel via train experience nature very close.   

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For continuing the Journey from Tawi via train, one can opt from the list mentioned below:

Delhi S Rohilla Udhampur Special, Anand Vihar Trm Udhampur Special, S Rohilla Udhampur Ac Superfast, Delhi Panipat Junction Special etc.

Once you reach Udhampur, you can take a taxi/ bus or anything from there on. The time taken for covering the distance is not the same, due to varying weather conditions. However, the two destinations like 58Kms apart. One has to pay 72 Rs for the journey between Udhampur to Banihal and needs to travel for 1hour and 46 mins by Bus- which is easily available near the train station-Udhampur.

From there on, one can board Banihal-Baramulla DMU, Banihal-Budgam DMU or Banihal-Baramulla DEMU trains- depending upon when you have reached Banihal. Trains are available after every hour and take only 2 hours or less to reach Srinagar.

Delhi to Srinagar distance by train:

Delhi To Srinagar By train

As mentioned earlier, that due to the under construction of railway link from Udhampur to Banihal, there is no direct train service from Delhi to Srinagar. One needs to reach Jammu first. For if you travel from Delhi to Jammu a distance of 576Km needs to be crossed via Train- taking it nearly 10 hours to reach. Then, from Jammu to Udhampur 53 Kms are to be traveled for 1 hour 10 mins by bus/sumo/tavera.

From Banihal to Srinagar the distance is only 78Km taking a maximum of 2 hours to reach its destination and i Suggest  You will Feel better and Comfortable With If You Take Train to Srinagar.

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Delhi to Srinagar train fare:

delhi to srinagar bus

The average train fare from Delhi to Jammu is Rs 345 and from Jammu to Udhampur- it is Rs 140. From then up to Banihal, since one needs to travel by bus the fare is Rs 70.

For Sumo/Tavera leaving from Udhampur to Banihal railway station- the fare is around 150- 200 rupees. Yet, it depends upon the season too.

After reaching Banihal, you may opt any of the trains mentioned in the previous section with fare rates being low enough for you to afford- just Rs 20.In nutshell, to reach Srinagar from Delhi you have to spend a total of Rs 1500-2000(approx.) which is of course very cheap then the airfares.

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