Best Quality Dry Fruits Lists Types And Benefits

Obtained by desiccating, dehydrating the whole of the water content from the grub, results in the concentration of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and all other nutrients to what we call the Dried Fruit.

Initially, the fruits were let to be sun-dried. But nowadays, the process of obtaining dried fruits can be natural or chemical- which may involve the use of special dehydrators and dryers. 

The fruit obtained after the shrinking process is highly dense in energy. Some of them are more common than others. Yet, all are equally effective when it comes to the benefits they serve. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, etc. are decent food to be dependent on, for a proper diet.

Dried Fruit And Nuts

It is a common misconception that Dried Fruits are just nuts and Almonds. Rather, it involves

Every fruit one can think of. Be it oranges, pineapples, mangoes-anything that can strike your mind can be led to form a dried fruit. 

Nuts are something else. Pistachio, almonds, Cashew nuts, Walnuts, pecan nuts, Pine nuts, tiger nuts all are extraordinarily beneficial, yet I don’t think it will be appropriate to term them as dried fruits- though it may be a subclass within the category. 

Dried fruits excluding the nuts involve Acai, Apples, Apricots, Bananas, BaoBab, BerryMix, Bilberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Boysenberries, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Chokeberries, Coconut, Cranberries, Crystalised ginger, Dates, Elderberries, Figs, Glazed fruit, Goji berries, Gooseberries, Guava, Jackfruit, Kiwi, Lemons, Lucuma, Mango, Maqui Berries, Mulberries, Nectarines, Oranges, Dragon Fruit, Jujubes, Yacon slices, Papaya, Peaches, Pears, Persimmons, Pineapples, Plums, Pluots, Pomegranates, Raisins, Raspberries, Star Fruit, Strawberries, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Sun-Dried peppers, and Tamarinds. 

This list is based on all the dried fruits that I have come across in the dried fruit markets.  

Dried Fruit Calories

A 100g serving of a typical Dried fruit and nut serves nearly 359 KCalories on an average, with 1g of protein,83g of Carbohydrates, Potassium 164 mg, Sodium 403 mg, and 3 g of fats.

However, each particular type of dried fruit or nut serves a specific amount of nutrition. 


A 100g serving of Almonds has 4% water,579 KCal of Energy, 22g of Carbohydrates, 50g of fats, 21g of protein, Vitamins, and Minerals.


The nutritional value of raw apricots varies from the dried ones. Since we focus on the dried fruits, the nutrition it provides is 241 KCal energy, 63g carbohydrates, 0.5g fats, 3.4g proteins, and a Good Quantity of Minerals and Vitamins.


A 100g serving of Walnuts provides us with 654 KCal. 14g of Carbohydrates, 65g of fats, 15.23g of Proteins, and also, good content of vitamins and minerals.


Cashews are yet another deliciously beneficial dried fruit(nuts). A 100g serving of Cashews contains 553 KCal with 30g of Carbohydrates, 44g of fats, 18 of proteins, and good content of vitamins and minerals.


The culinary nut of pistachio again is the dried fruit from the cashew family. This snack provides almost 580 KCal of Energy and the Carbohydrates equal to 28g. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals form a proportionally good content in these nuts. Nevertheless, 4g of water is also present in the 100g serving of pistachios.  

Pecan Nuts:

Technically it is not a nut and falls under the category of fruits with a single stone in mid. Pecan nuts are not famous but consumed by a good percentage of the population that knows its benefits for sure—serving 690 KCal of Energy, 14g of Carbohydrates, 72g Fat, 10g of Proteins, and an adequate content of Vitamins and Minerals.

The above were a few basic types of Dried fruits with the Caloric value they provide to their consumers. Let us now have a look at the general types of Dried fruits available in the markets. 

Types Of Dried Fruits:

Categorizing anything is entirely perspective based. I googled, the above mentioned dried fruits will fit the description of types of Dried fruits or the Categories of Dried fruits. My classification is based on whether the snack obtained is a nut or something else.

Following is my categorization:

  • Nuts: 

This list includes hazel, chestnuts, etc.

  • Misnomered as Nuts:

Walnut, Cashew Nuts, Pecans, Almonds, Pistachios fall under this category.

  • Prunes:

Prunes are dried plums. This may be put as a sub-category of dehydrated fruits.

In appearance, prunes resemble Raisins, which again is formed by dehydrating the Grapes. Also, Munakka and Sultanas are somewhat similar to raisins and, in fact, not that much differentiable given the taste, yet all three are obtained by drying different varieties of Grapes.

  • Dehydrated fruits: 

Now this list is vast. Any fruit can be dried and stored for later use just that we need to take proper care in the process. 

Sweetener is used after chemically drying Pineapple and later sold as candy. The same is the case with Kiwi, papaya, and in fact, bottle gourds too. 

We have dried figs, peaches, mangoes, apples, apricots, pears, and dried dates also, which seems a little hard on eating. 

  • Caryopsis:

These include cereals like corn, maize, in fact, even rice. Also, these include Cereals too. Not many know that basically, it is categorized under dried fruits somehow.

  • Achene:

Finally, we have achenes, which include strawberries, buttercup, dahlia, and Sunflowers.

All these, according to my introspection, fall under the category of dried fruits. 

Moving ahead, we will learn how these snacks affect a diabetic person.

Dried Fruit Diabetes:

Nutritionists believe that if anything taken in moderation cannot cause harm. The same is the case with dried fruits. Dried fruits consumed in a moderate quantity may not be bad anyhow to the blood sugar levels of a person. Yes, there may be effects on diabetic caused by unhealthy intake of these snacks. This can be a misconception regarding dried fruits that it is harmful to people with diabetes.

In dried fruits, since all water is dehydrated, the sugars get concentrated. But like I mentioned, nothing can harm if taken into moderation. Diabetes disorder causes an elevation in blood sugar levels of the body. This disorder can be because of two issues, one pancreas not being able to produce enough insulin, second when the body doesn’t use insulin effectively. 

Research shows that nuts are consumed to reduce the rise in blood sugar levels after meals- thus beneficial for type-2 diabetes patients.

Dry Fruits For Diabetic Patients

People with diabetes should, although never consume processed fruits and check for the ones where the concentrated sugar content is way too much because of the drying process. One needs to check the dried fruits where the sugar content is low with a low glycaemic value.

Dry fruits are having a low Glycaemic index have an insignificant impact on glycemic levels of the blood.

The best of the nuts that can be consumed by type-2 diabetes patients are :

Walnuts, Almonds, Peanuts, and pistachios.

The snacks mentioned above are a house-full thing to be eaten by people with diabetes. High in fiber, the dried fruits give a continuous feeling of fullness, which reduces the harmful cholesterol levels and increases HDL. Also, the benefit of being full of healthy fat, proteins, and low in carbs gives and the edge of remaining fit.

However, the consumption must still be kept in check because excessive intake of healthy fats can always lead to weight gain.


Dried Fruits List


These are Brazilian super berries that are available dried, frozen, powdered, and tablet form. These are rich in Vitamin A and are extremely beneficial for the skin.

It doesn’t have that long shelf life and thus must be consumed within a period of 2 to 3 months.

Acai provides extreme benefits. Let us begin reading a few.

Benefits of ACAI:

Acai is beneficial for the treatment of arthritis, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, obesity, detoxification, skin aging, and metabolic syndrome. 

All these benefits from just a small berry. The reason for this is its constituents. Depending on whether the fruit has matured or not, acai may be green or deep purple.

The freeze-dried acai berries contain cyanidin 3-o-glucoside and cyanidin 3-o-rutinoside as major anthocyanins. Also, it reported containing twelve flavonoid-like compounds, including homoorientin, orientin, taxifolin deoxyhexose, isovitexin, scoparin, as well as proanthocyanidins, and low levels of resveratrol. 

Cyanidin 3-o-glucoside is a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress and thus saves the blood vessels and heart.

Anthocyanins increase protein activity, thus aiding in fat burning. Cyanidin 3-o-rutinoside has been successfully used in leukemia therapies.


Flavorful dried apples are energy rich, an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals with no additives yet naturally somewhat sweet.

Benefits of Dried Apples:

Dried apples help in keeping blood sugar levels under control, with lowering the LDL cholesterol levels. It is filled with double and insoluble fibers altogether. Soluble fibers present in dried apples help in the treatment of many digestive issues.

Also, it is well known that each and every dried fruit is an extremely rich source of antioxidants. And antioxidants are well known to combat free radical scavenging which in turn helps in preventing cancers.

Dried apples are a good source of iron and calcium. Iron saves us from anaemia and calcium strengthens our bones and teeth. Furthermore, there are minerals and vitamins present in these apples that strengthen our immune system and making the statement of Eat apple a day keeps doctors away justifiable. 


Like every other dried fruit, apricots too have different forms in which they are available in the market. Dried, half dried, turkish, californian, diced, glace, jam , and chocolate form.

Well benefits and health effects may vary from what form you consume. But since this blog is all about the dried fruits we shall see about that only.

The traditional dried apricots may or may not be treated with sulphur dioxide. The former given an orange shade and the latter giving the dark brown colour. 

Apricots that are small in size are dried with stone in the mid and the large ones are cut into halves and then dried.

Apricots are known to be the greatest sources of Vitamin A and potassium. Moreover, apricots are known to induce diarrhea and relieve constipation all because of the high fiber content.

Dried apricots have low glycemic value thus safe to be used by type-2 diabetics.

Benefits of Apricots:

Dried apricots have a good content of energy nearly 120 KCal per serving. With 29g of carbohydrates, and decent levels of Vitamins A and C , the Calcium and the Iron, making it a perfect choice for several health benefits. 

Counting those one on one :

Dried apricots are low in calories and high in fiber content that we feel satiated for a longer time, curbing the intake of food and most importantly fats. 

Calcium in apricots prevents bones and preserves nerve function. Magnesium in apricots helps the people who suffer from anxiety and depression. 

Apricots help in relieving insomnia, curing cramps and cures muscle spasms.  The vitamin A present in Apricots has numerous benefits like encouraging cell growth, strengthening the immune system, maintaining good vision, assisting in reproduction, and aiding in keeping bones strong.


Dried pineapple chunks hold their sugar levels and are more energy dense than the raw fruit. Though it is easy to oven dry pineapples, traditional methods vary. Furthermore the snacks may be available as freeze dried or sugared. This low fat dried fruit is an enormous source of antioxidants, dietary fibers and enzymes. Let us take a look at what benefits they add on to our benefits of Dried fruit lists.

Benefits of Dried Pineapples:

Due to the drying process much of the nutrient content is lost though and the fruit becomes energy dense. The lesser content of fats with the good content of calories make it a perfect choice for a quick energy source.

This dried fruit is sugar rich and thus must be avoided by type-2 diabetics. Manganese is present in good amounts which keeps the connective tissues in good health and keeps bones strong- as adding pineapple snacks to the diet reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Antioxidants prevent cells from free radical destruction that in turn prevents premature ageing.


Dry Kiwi Online

Never heard something like dried kiwi existed?  Well it is pretty easy to make though. Just wash, peel, cut, and arrange on dehydrated trays with 55 degree temperature for 8 hours.

But hey! Just wait. Why to consume something formulated using technology? We assure you organic dried fruits. Kiwi may mostly be present in the candied form. But not to worry you can definitely find another in just a dried form too. Packed with digestive enzymes, potassium, fiber and other essentials like calcium and iron, makes it the ultimate choice of being included in breakfast. Let us have a glance at the benefits of KIWI.   

Benefits of Kiwi:

Kiwi keeps electrolytes in check. There are immunity boosting vitamins and antioxidants that prevent cancers even. The presence of iron and calcium regulates healthy blood and makes the bones stronger respectively. 

The dehydration process makes the kiwis energy dense and sugar rich. Dried kiwis have more vitamin c than three oranges combined- thus helping in the treatment of scurvy and beautifying the skin and hydrating it.    

Dried Fruits And Nuts

dry fruits list in india

Now that we are aware of a few dried fruits and the benefits they serve, we will now take a look at the benefits of Nuts or pseudo nuts individually. 


dry fruits list for pregnancy (2)

These snacks need no introduction. The world’s most nutritious and beneficial nuts are known throughout for its benefits and culinary uses. Crunchy, fibrous snacks are rich in vitamins, minerals, Proteins- thus beneficial for the overall. 

Benefits of Almonds:

list of dry fruits in india

Almonds have a good content of Vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, fat, Manganese, and magnesium. All these above listed elements provide different benefits each. 

Almonds are an excellent source of antioxidants. They help protect against oxidative stress, premature ageing, inflammation and even diseases like cancers. 

Presence of Vitamin E in Almonds lowers the risks of cancers, heart diseases, and memory issues like Alzheimer’s. 

Magnesium in almonds is known to lower the blood sugar levels thus beneficial for type-2 diabetics. 

Magnesium is also good for those who suffer from hypertension as this is known to reduce the blood pressure levels. 

Almonds reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in blood and increase HDL cholesterol. This helps to keep heart diseases in check. 

The high fiber and protein content in almonds keeps the consumer satiated for a longer period of time, curbing the hunger. This aids in weight loss. 


walnuts online

Walnuts are yet another beneficial snack, consumption of which is extremely beneficial for human health. Available in markets as Shelled or Unshelled walnuts, these have a very diverse culinary as well as medicinal uses. 

From being used in tarts, cakes to some delicious ice creams, it is good to munch on these nuts. 

Let us see how these benefit the overall human health. 

Benefits of Walnuts:

Walnuts are a rich source of antioxidants, the polyphenols and melatonin. These are known to prevent the oxidative damage done by LDL cholesterol, which can otherwise lead to atherosclerosis- the condition where LDL gets built up in arteries. 

Walnuts are the source of Omega-3 fatty acids of plants,consuming these means reducing heart disease risks. 

Walnuts tend to lower the risks of many serious health conditions like type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases and even cancers. The reason for this beneficence may be because walnuts are known to reduce inflammation. 

Also, walnuts are probiotic , promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria reducing the risk of infections and even colon cancers. 

The urolithins formed when gut microbes act on ellagitannins have antiinflammatory properties. They provide protection against certain cancers that can affect the health like breast cancers, prostate cancers and colon cancers. 

Walnuts help in controlling appetite and hunger. Obesity is linked to issues like hypertension, hunger, hyperglycemia. Controlling hunger controls all the health issues. 

Fiber in walnuts help delay ageing and keep oneself younger. 


buy pistachios online india

Pistachios are the members of the cashew family, extremely loaded with antioxidants with powerful punch for health. Apart from having antioxidants, Pistachios are loaded with proteins, fiber, and healthy fats. 

Loaded with calories, carbs, fiber, protein, fat, Potassium, Phosphorous, Vitamin B6, thiamine, copper, and Manganese- these become the source of numerous benefits. 

Benefits of Pistachios:

Vitamin B6 serves several functions, including blood sugar regulation and the formation of hemoglobin, carrying RBCs. 

Pistachio has Vitamin B6 which is known to regulate blood sugar levels and formulates hemoglobin. 

As is known, antioxidants protect against cell damage and help in reducing cancers too. 

Pistachio keeps eye health in check too by protecting against  age-related macular degeneration and protecting the eyes from blue light. 

The L-arginine present in Pistas is an amino acid that helps in the dilation of blood vessels- thus aiding the blood flow.

Also, pistachios are fiber high food with a good amount of proteins, inducing the feeling of fullness, keeping hunger in check. Furthermore, pista is loaded with energy. Thus, a perfect snack that will aid in weight loss.

 The digested fibers of Pistachios form chains of fatty acids, which are known to solve digestive issues, heart health issues, and some cancers too.

Pistachios decrease LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL levels. 

The nitric acid present in Pista helps in treatment of dilation of blood vessels, resulting in proper blood flow, which otherwise can cause many health issues. 


Sweets like Kaju Katli, Kaju Barfi are prepared solely using Cashews is the biggest example of the Culinary uses of Cashews. 

Like all other nuts there are benefits that cashews serve equally. But apart from those there are other benefits too. 

Let us take a look at those. 

Benefits of Cashews:

Cashews are a great source of plant proteins thus providing a good energy source. Cashews are known to treat the GallStones as the unsaturated fats present lowers the LDL thus helping to reduce the Gallstone risks.

Cashews are good for the overall cardiovascular health, be it heart or the blood vessels. Cashews are known to lower the blood pressure levels and help in maintaining RBC count and the hemoglobin levels too as it has a good content of iron in it. Moreover, the copper along with iron keeps the blood-pressure, immune system, blood vessels, nerves, and bones in good health- thus optimizing the general health.

Cashews have high levels of antioxidants, which reduce the macular degeneration risks and the risks of developing the Cataract.

Since, All nuts aid in weight loss. And cashews do that too. People with hyperglycemia must start consuming Cashews as it is known to reduce the blood sugar levels too.


One of the huge consumed dried fruits- the raisins are used widely in cooking, baking, brewing.

It is important to eat these in  moderation and not overeaten. Raisins are nutritious and tremendously beneficial and much more if eaten after overnight soaking. Traditionally obtained from sun drying the species of seedless grapes, nowadays raisins can be prepared industrially using chemicals and freeze drying etc. 

Benefits of Raisins:

Raisins serve numerous benefits, in whatever form we consume it. Counting one on one raisins aid in digestion, boost the  iron levels and keeps the bones strong. The boosting of iron levels is important for Red Blood Cells production and keeping a good oxygen content of blood. Moreover,it saves from anaemia or to treat one. 

Raisins have a good content of healthy vitamins and minerals, and are free from fat and cholesterol. Furthermore, they are a good source of antioxidants and dietary fiber.

Raisins have phytochemicals with antimicrobial actions. This promotes healthy teeth and gums and fights the bacteria that may cause cavities.

Enriched with antioxidants, Raisins help in fighting illness related to ageing, like  heart diseases, strokes and even cancers. A cup of raisins have 45 mg of calcium which  keeps the bones and teeth healthy and strong. If a woman has reached the stage of menopause, raisins are good for her too as it can prevent osteoporosis which again is one of the side effects of ageing in women. Boron is also present in kishmish. This  works alongside Vitamin D and calcium to keep sound the bone and joint health even helps in curing osteoporosis. 

Every dried fruit is loaded with fibers and so are the raisins. Therefore it serves as a tool, aiding in digestion. It prevents constipation by softening the stool and making it feel heavier.

Also, raisins prove to be beneficial  if you want to lose weight. As the presence fibers help in keeping oneself satiated for a longer time and burning fats. These fibers help in lowering low-density lipoproteins too. Raisins contain Potassium which is known to reduce blood pressure levels. Thus, it is a blessing for those who suffer from hypertension.

Raisins are high in natural sugars. Thus it can cause gas, bloating, stomach pain and even diarrhoea. For this reason people suffering from type-2 diabetes must avoid consuming the normal daily amount of raisins.


When we talk about munakka, there is a lot of confusion around this snack. Generally people think it’s raisins obtained from the black grapes. But no that is not true. Munakka is what we call Zante currants in english. This munakka dried f

ruit is obtained from the variety of grapes known as Corinth Grapes. Looking more or less like small grapes- red in colour and seedless.

Let us look at the benefits munakka provides.

Benefits of Munakka:

100 g serving of munakka serves 283 calories, with a good amount of potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, proteins, and Calcium.  Munakka gives a good amount of energy in a shorter time. Thus beneficial for sports persons etc. Replace your regular energy bars with munakkas.

Pregnant ladies consume munakka very much as this keeps them with good blood levels and no anemia. Body builders can depend on munakkas for proteins, so that they develop strong muscles. Currants are full of vitamin B which helps to keep us energized throughout. Also, this snack is enriched with vitamin C, that keeps the immune system strong. Vitamin E that keeps the body cells in great health. And vitamin K that keeps bone strong and in good structure.

Presence of Calcium in Munakka, apart from shielding bones, gives protection against diseases like cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Zante currants help maintain a healthy blood circulation, keeping away from blood related diseases and helps our body in relaxing. Body is relaxed because of the presence of magnesium as it helps in cheering and relieving the body pain.

Furthermore, munakka helps in maintaining a healthy respiratory system. There are children who suffer from runny nose 24*7 throughout the year. Taking munakka on a daily basis will help them get rid of this issue.

Phosphorus present in munakka helps in detoxifying our body, rinsing it out through excretion and secretions like sweat. Zante currant improves our nervous system. If ever you feel having a weaker reflexes of nerves, start consuming zante currants or munakka, this will help.

Furthermore, the bodily fluid amounts are balanced because of the presence of sodium. 

Zinc is known to increase immunity. Thus, another benefit of consuming munakka is that it does contain zinc. Moreover, the selenium present in zante currants help clean the blood vessels, fight inflammation, and reduce free radical oxidative stress. 

There is a medical problem whose complete treatment hasn’t been found yet. And that is the problem of thyroid. Nonetheless, the intake of munakkas do regulate the thyroid levels in our body. 

The other benefits of munakka consumption are curing anemia, curing constipation, and improvising the collagen production.


Sultana or sultanina are referred to as the golden raisins in english. Sultanas are smaller, juicer than both the Zante Currants as well as Raisins. Drying oil is used to help the sultanas get golden color. This grape variety is dried using a dehydrator with controlled temperature and humidity. 

Let us just move on to look for the benefits of sultanas.

Benefits of Sultanas:

Sultanas help reversing the tooth decay- quite contrary to what appears. It has antimicrobial properties that curb the microbes growth in the mouth and in fact heals the tooth decay. 

These raisins keep the stomach in a good condition, preventing constipation as well as diarrhea. This is because of the presence of fibers in sultanas. Intake of golden raisins lower the blood pressure levels too. Potassium present in sultanas is an important mineral for proper functioning of tissues, cells and organs in the human body. 

Sultanas are also known to lower the risks of type-2 diabetes as it lowers the glucose levels and prevents insulin spikes. 

The antioxidant properties of Sultanas prevent diseases like cancers even as these antioxidants prevents free radicals cellular damage which otherwise cause the growth of cancerous cells.

Magnesium and potassium present in Golden Raisins act as antacids and act as a remedy for acidosis. Furthermore, the presence of borons keeps the bones strong and maintains the overall bone and joint health. This decreases the chances of osteoporosis. Raisins are also known to promote sexuality. And with the benefit of being good in vitamin c levels, raisins promote skin health keeping the consumer radiant, beautiful and in youth for a longer time.  

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Dried Fruits PROs And CONs 

As mentioned already, dried fruits and nuts aren’t available in only one single form. Some are simply dried, some are dried using dehydrators, some are candied or sugared, while some are salted. 

Dried fruits are highly nutritious, full of fibers, vitamins and minerals, energy dense, and whatnot? However, antioxidants seem to be above all beneficial in all the dried fruits and nuts we consume. Most of the dried fruits give instant energy, lower blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, act as laxative, prevent heart diseases, etc.  Furthermore, dried fruits decrease LDL cholesterol levels and inflammation. 

Also, dried fruits and nuts aid in weight loss, fight osteoporosis, and shield against many diseases.

However, candied and sugared dried fruits can cause a hike in blood sugar levels and also, may cause obesity.

Eating too much of these snacks may cause severe health issues like dropping the blood sugar levels way too down. Dates if consumed can initiate natural labour. Thus, whether it  proves beneficial or harmful. Eating too much dried fruit can also result in loose motions and loss of body water. 

The heaty nature of dried fruits and nuts can cause serious abdominal pain too.

Thus, we must eat keeping the amount in check.

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Dried Fruits Recipe:

It is nearly impossible to note down the culinary uses of all the dried fruits here. However, for the best interests of our readers and to promote the cooking culture and consumption of healthy diet, I would like to point down a few.

Dried fruits mostly can be used in desserts and other sweet dishes. If we talk about walnuts, the first thing that will strike our minds is the walnut tart. Extremely delicious and healthy snack that we can keep drooling on. Or maybe the walnut chocolate cake. This can initiate hunger anytime and anyhow. 

Since I opened this note on walnuts, let us look at a few recipes where walnuts may be used.

  • Walnut Chutney:

This chutney is extremely famous when it comes to the traditional cooking of the Paradise on Earth-Kashmir. Walnuts are ground and so are radishes. Traditionally it is done using a pestle and a mortar. But now with the advancement in electronics, we can use a grinder. If you ask me personally, I will go the traditional way. After grinding the walnuts and radish, add curd and salt to the paste followed by the addition of coriander leaves.

Enjoy! with rice.

  • Dried Fruit Cake:

Take one cup of all purpose flour and add cocoa powder. Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder and half a spoon of baking soda. Now add 3-4 eggs and put 4 pieces of butter in it. Now add 3-4 drops of vanilla essence and add melted dark chocolate too. Take ground dry fruits and mix all the contents well. Add powdered sugar, nearly one cup. And keep stirring. If the mixture is vicious add milk until it gets some fluidity and keep stirring constantly. 

One we get the paste with a little flow, pass the contents in a round container greased with ghee or butter. Once done, put the container in the oven for 20 mins. 

You can garnish the top however you want. Whether you want to put the wholesome nuts or dried kiwi or pineapples, the choice is all yours.

Happy baking.

  • Apricots In Wazwan:

Wazwan is the traditional buffet of weddings in Kashmir. Earlier, seven different dishes were prepared for the guests. But nowadays, it is more than ten. One of them in “Czear”- kashmiri name for apricots. This is a highly accepted dish involving the cooking of apricots in lamb stock. 

  • Kaju Katli:

Blend the cashews in intervals without running the blender for a longer time. Once the powdered form is obtained, stop. Add water and sugar to a saucepan . heat and dissolve well. Mix the sugar syrup and the powdered cashews well, so that no lumps are formed. Stir the contents on low heat until it becomes thick. Add 1 teaspoon ghee. Cook until the contents become thick and leave the sides of the pan. 

Let the paste cool down for you to give it a shape.

Enjoy the sweets.


Dried Fruit Price:

The price of dried fruits vary from type to type and quality to quality. Then if we are to talk about shelled or unshelled dry fruits, their price varies too. 

1 kg of shelled walnuts are available at the price of nearly 1800 rupees. Whilst the same quantity of unshelled walnuts may cost a minimum of 500 rupees.  

Likewise, if we talk about unshelled almonds we get those at the price of nearly 400 rupees, while shelled will be available for around 1000 rupees. 

Nevertheless, the price depends upon quality and the type of the any specified nuts. And we must endure quality above all. 

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Dried Fruit Mix:

In the Indian markets, dried fruits are available loose, packed and even mixed with other types.

If you want to purchase only almonds or walnuts or raisins or anything else you will definitely find one. Else if you wish to find the mixture of all the dried fruits or nuts you will find that too. 

Generally, almonds, pistas, raisins, currants, dried berries, cashews, walnuts are available as the category of dried fruit mix. Nevertheless, you can ask the retailer for what you are exactly looking for.


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