Kashmiri Wazwan full Dishes In Details

Cultural diversity has played the influential role in determining the character of Kashmir. Every ethnic group has contributed its customs and food while they signify one of the smaller populations in Delhi. The Kashmiri people have made a big impact on the Delhi food street. They hail from the Kashmir Valley in the north tip of India. They’re known for their artistic nature and a lavish feast they call the Wazwan. Wazwan is the traditional Kashmiri food comprises typically non-vegetarian dishes.

kashmiri wazwan dishes

Wazwan includes all kind of mouth-watering combinations that will make you crave for it. Wazwan is considered as the point of the pride among Kashmiri culture. Kashmiri cuisine is separated into two main groups, the first one is Kashmiri pandits and the other one is Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmiri pandits generally are non-vegetarians, nevertheless, they don’t like to use onions and garlic in the traditional dishes.

In fact, the word Wazwan is defined as “waz” meaning a highly skilled chef and “wan” referring to an abundance of meats and delicacies. The chef is accompanied by a number of Wazza in training. It especially served during Kashmiri weddings. A genuine Kashmiri Wazwan includes a 36-course meal that includes meat, salads, chicken, curd, vegetables, sweet and KAHWA. It almost seems like the spiritual experience. While the guests socialize the food, prep goes on in a nearby kitchen for this event. People arrange an eighth-generation Vasta Wazza, a chef who specializes in preparing this particular feast. The chef is accompanied by a number of Wazza in training. Kashmiri people use Saffron into Wazwan cooking which is taken from the flower’s stigma called Crocus. Saffron used to give flavor and color to Wazwan.

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This is prevalent amongst the Muslims of Kashmir who is especially fond of lamb or mutton. Two of the most significant entrees are the Rishta and the Goshtaba. Both are essentially pounded lamb meat that’s boiled to a thick paste mixed with strings of lamb fat and shaped into balls for cooking again. The Goshtaba includes a yogurt sauce and lamb cooked in yogurt. Rishta the pounded mutton balls that are laced with lamb fat.

Pure vegetarian dishes include dam-aloo, Razmah, Kashmiri pulao, Roganjosh, Kehwa or green tea. One of the significant characteristics of WAZWAN is the prime flavor of the garlic in about every dish.

Main Non-Veg Wawan Dishes Are :

Maithi maaz ( Small Peices Of Meat where Usually Kashmiri Start Eating the wazwan)

Methi Maaz

 Kabab (Most Tastey type of Dish Is Wazwan and  Mouth Watering )

kashmiri kabab recipe

Waza Kokur( Chicken Made By Chef)

rista recipe

Daeni Phoul( Made of Sheep Meat)

kashmiri wazwan trami

Doudha Ras

kashmiri wazwan

Rogan Josh

Kashmiri Wazwan

 Tabak Maaz ( Tabak Maaz Which Is Made From Back Of Sheep Usually Very Taste and fried in Ghee Not Oil)

kashmiri wazwan dishes names

Waza Palak(Its Type Palak Made By Kashmiri Chef) With Kashmiri Palak

kashmiri palak

Aab Gosht ( Meat With Milk

kashmiri korma

Gustaba Full Stop Of Wazwan

kashmiri wazwan images


In the Kashmiri culture, eating is an all sensory experience that initiates with the washing of your hands. It’s about raising your soul. It’s about all negative energies being thrown away. Then the serving begins, one by one each course is served individually. In Kashmiri tradition, during eating, one member of the family must always serve or supervise the servers.

If You Look At Kashmiri Chutney Used in Wazwan Here Is The Best Chutney which Usually Everyone Loves

kashmiri chutney gushtaba recipe

Kashmiris have a boundless passion for food. They spend all of their Night and Day in cooking this meal and then they spend next Day During Walima eating it. The combination of flavors, how many different ways you can braise different parts of the lamb. Pacing is a virtue of the Wazwan eating. Large quantities of food are not typical for Indian culture but for the Kashmiris.

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