Kesar Plant And Kesar Price

What Is Kesar Plant and How do You Differentiate Kesar Price

Kesar Price

Kesar “Saffron” Or ” Zaffron” Is world’s Most Costest Plant.Kesar Plant In Short with Three Beautiful Colors Purple, yellow and white and all Three Colors are Used For Different Purposes. Hello, Reader, Our Today Our Topic Is About Kesar plant

Hold On! Before Discussing Kesar Plant and Kesar Price I suggest You take First Look at Walnut Kernels Uses, Benefits and Side Effects .

Kesar Is Word Which Is often Used by Indian People and They Call It As Kesar. Actually, The Name Is Saffron and outside People recognize Kesar as Saffron. Due To Its Medicinal Value, Saffron Is Used By Worldwide with n0 side effects. People use for in making tea, to enhance Color, Used in Sweets To Increase The Sweetness, Kesar Is also Used In Ice creams and Bla Bla.

Some Of The Products Of Kesar In which Orginal Saffron are Used In Today’s Life

  • Saffron/Kesar/Zaffron Mix Up with tea In Order To get rid Of Skin Problems, Weight Loss, and Many Other Things
  • Saffron which Is Used in Soaps To Look Much Fairer and Mainly Saffron Cream Is For Anti-aging and It works Like Gem For those who wants To look Good and Young.
  • Saffron/Kesar/Zaffron  Usually use Pregnant Ladies  On Daily Basis with Milk so that They will get Fairer and healthy Baby
  • Zaffron is Used In almost all The Big Band Sweet for Better taste and Better Quality of Sweets
  • Saffron with Honey will make Your Children so Sharp and helps In Growing  Brain Of The Children.
  • Pure Kesar Has No Expiry Date. It Can Be Used For Lifetime.

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Kesar Plant

Usually  Called As Saffron Flower Is Extracted. It Grows in ending October in Kashmir till 15 November. People Of Kashmir Pick up The saffron flowers From Their Feilds after 2 Consecutive days till 15 November every year. There Are Three Type of Colors in Saffron Flower One is The Red Color one, a yellow one ad Purple one. Mostly People Use As red Color As It is the main Part of Saffron Flower and Usually Use.
In Red Color There Are Mainly Three Type Of Saffron in the Market

  1. Saffron Mongra
  2. Saffron Zarda
  3. Saffron Lacha

Most Costly Saffron Is Saffron Mongra Highly recommended And Used then After Saffron Zarda and Then After Saffron Lacha. All the Saffron Types are Equally important Depends Upon What Is The use. Suppose Saffron Mongra Usually use Pregnant Ladies, Saffron Tea Saffron Zarda and Lacha Use Companies For Making Soaps, Sweets, and Creams.

Kesar Price.

kesar plant

Kesar Price Has always Illusion in the Market. People Buy Usually what They Don’t know Saffron is Pure Or Not. Now Move on to  Pure Kesar Price In The Market Ranges From Rs 250 (4$) Per Gram To Rs 1200 (20$) Per 5 Gram In the Market.If You really wana Buy Pure Original Kesar /Saffron /Zaffron Then I Suggest You follow This Guide.

  • Search on google Bharat Kesar Company.
  • In the Homepage, You will Find Different Products Related To Saffron with reasonable Rates.
  • Order whatever You Like  Range Starts From 1 Gram Saffron to 1 Kg Saffron.
  • After Placing The Order You will get within 4 to 5  days At Your Door Steps.

So, Don’t take Regularly and take walnut in Limit You will Never Find any disadvantage with This Best Product. Thank you I Hope You have enjoyed This article, Stay Updated We will Bring You More Information about saffron, Kashmir Packages, Kashmiri Food, Kashmir Art, Kashmir Culture Every Thing on Kashmir Insights. Have a Nice day! Bye







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