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Hello Reader, Today We are Back From Kashmir Insights  In Yet again Twist That about Kesar Price 1 gm .Before That, We Can See Other Post Related To Kesar Check That: Kesar Plant And Kesar Price.

why Is Saffron So expensive

So I am excited to Give a brief idea about Saffron/Kesar 1 Gm.Basically, if You Look At  The Kesar there are 3 main types of kesar in the market field

  • Kashmiri Kesar Mongra.

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Mongra is Name Of Kashmiri Pure Kesar with No added Content which Contains Only red Part Of The Saffron. This Kesar Mongra Is Well Processed and Well Maintained with Professionally Trained Saffron worker who works at  Their Native Place Of Kashmir ( Pampore). Pampore Is The hub Of Kashmiri Saffron Its situated In between National Highway and Railways in Kashmir. The Pure Kashmiri Saffron Flower is Only available in Pampore Area Of Kashmir rest of the Kashmir Have Dry fruits like Almonds, Walnuts, apple Productions.

  • Kashmiri Kesar Lacha.

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Kashmiri Kesar Lacha Is Another Type Of Saffron which Is Also Type of Pure Quality Of Saffron. This Type Of Saffron/ Kesar Is Taken Direct From The Famers Of Pampore Area. This Type of Kesar Is Well Packed and Maintained in a Very professional Manner.

  • Kashmiri Kesar Zarda.

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Kashmiri Kesar Zarda Is One of Special and Used In making Perfumes, Soaps and Other things. It Mainly Used For Big Factory Materials

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All Types Of Kesar Is Used For different purposes according to Need. So, we Now We Will go through Kashmiri Kesar Price in Details.

patanjali kesar price 1 kg

Price Details Of Kashmiri Kesar

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Price Of Kesar differs From Every website to Website. It is available Every Website in India Or any other Part of World But Actual Website We will Give To You in which You can Purchase Pure and Raw Saffron. They have Their Own fields of saffron and pampore organic saffron.P rice Of The Saffron is Affordable and very less As Compared to any Other website. Actually its Quiet Difficult To Recognise Kashmiri Saffron And Iranian Saffron but We Will Show  Some Website which has their own service and well maintained, highly Processed System Of Packing that Is Kashmir Online Store . Its Is  Best website and Kashmiri origin website.

Price and Listing

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Price Of Kashmiri Kesar Depend Upon How Many Grams You Want To Purchase. usually, They have 1 Gram Kesar,5 Gram Kesar, and 10 Gram Kesar. Price ranges from Rs 250(5$) to Rs 2500 (40$) Depending on The Need From Person to Person. Usually, kesar Is Used in Making Sweets, Huge Medicinal Value, Weight Loss, Hair Loss and Diabetic Persons. Kesar is Used mainly For Aging Effect. It reduces Aging effect And Makes your Skin fairer.

Kesar used During pregnancy

Kesar Has multiValue If You can use During Pregnancy. Due To Medicinal Value and Ayurvedic  Kesar Makes Your Brain Fairer Strong and Healthy.

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