Saffron Milk ( Kesar Dhoodh), Benefits,Preparation During Pregnancy

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Saffron Milk

Saffron a spice with wonderful benefits is known to be highly beneficial to the ladies expecting a newborn. Be it tackling nausea, helping fight against blood pressure issue or sleep disorders, Saffron is the nature’s bestowal. Haven’t we wronged ourselves, consuming medications with strange chemistry prepared in Labs in strange vessels, fuming strange odor? When did we lost trust in nature’s power and stopped consuming what could have benefitted us in a number of ways? Hasn’t nature got a cure to everything? Yet, why do we prefer the purchases that have been synthesized artificially?

Nature allows us to keep our health sound by ingesting fresh and dining health-giving beneficiaries from it. Of course, every one of us is aware of the fact that precaution is better than cure, acting of one and thinking about the good health of the baby and his mother, let us learn how Saffron is going to be helpful to all the to be mothers out there.

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How Preparing Saffron Milk For Pregnant Ladies:

Saffron milk


Where you can consume Kesar however you want, let me tell you how grannies feed the mother while this Phase. Milk is not just any essential. It is nutritional succor altogether. Be it the bones, blood pressure, energy, hemoglobin or what so ever, drinking milk keeps everything in Check. Thus, ingesting Saffron Milk with hemoglobin will be of greater help than taking the Saffron in some other form. Now without taking your much time, I am simply going to tell you how to Prepare Saffron Milk.

  1. Take a glass of the Milk in a Jar or a Sauce Pan.
  2. When it gets lukewarm add Sugar to Taste.
  3. Add the extracts from Cardamom pods are Boil it.
  4. Now add just a few Strands of Saffron. ( remember not to add in excess as it can have severe issues)
  5. Pure Saffron won’t spill the color to the solution as it isn’t adulterated with fake color. It will take a little time until the milk turns Kesari.

Serve your Lad. Nevertheless, you can add some crushed dried fruits too, to get the maximum of benefits from it.For you can ingest the milk at any time, I suggest serving it before bed. As some women have a problem in Sleeping, Saffron milk will help them acquire a better sleep.

But hey!! Why don’t I make you satisfied with all the beneficiaries it provides you with.


Benefits of Consuming Saffron Milk During Pregnancy:

kesar ke fayde pregnancy me

What does Saffron Milk help the pregnant ladies with? Why was it recommended by Ayurvedic Sciences? Let us have a look at the issues it can save a to-be-mother from.

  • A pregnant lady goes through changes in hormones, which can result in many issues including mood swings. Where this period needs to be experienced happily without any stress, mood swings create problems. Kesar acts as an anti-depressant and thus help the mother to get out from the said issue by boosting the blood flow to the brain as Serotonin- present in Saffron elevates the mood.
  • When a lady is pregnant, she experiences the hike in heart rate by almost 25%. This result in hypertension. One can fight this by drinking Saffron Milk, which reduces blood pressure levels due to the presence of potassium and crocetin.
  • Women are in a continuous state of nausea. Some even vomit out everything they eat, feel lethargic and dizzy all day, saffron milk help combating this too.
  • As mentioned that Saffron boosts the blood flow to various body parts, it does that to the digestive system too. The process of digestion slows down when you are Pregnant. Consuming saffron with milk aid you in that and you have to eat double, for you as well as for the baby in the womb.
  • For increasing appetite, women take more fats in the food they ingest. This can lead to various heart issues. But there is nothing to worry if you are consuming Saffron in this phase. Antioxidant-rich Saffron helps in reducing the triglycerides and cholesterol levels in your body. Furthermore, Potassium and Crocetin help in this process too.
  • As said already, saffron milk makes a rich blood supply to all the body parts as RBC count is increased. This protects the baby from anemia.

Furthermore, women pass through sleepless nights. Saffron helps in obtaining a good night sleep too. Also, post delivery and in fact during pregnancy too, women experience a drastic hair fall with skin issues like pimples, acne etc. Consuming Saffron Milk help in getting rid of all this.

Although saffron provides a number of benefits to the pregnant lady yet nothing must be consumed out of bounds. Let us have a glance at the Side effects excessive saffron consumption may let us with.

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Side Effects Of Excessive Consumption of Saffron During Pregnancy:

Saffron During Pregnancy

  • Consuming saffron out of bounds may lead to the contraction of the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage. Consult your doctor so that he may prescribe you the right amount of Saffron to be consumed. Furthermore, avoid taking saffron in the first trimester.
  • Saffron may cause allergies to some women, causing them to vomit whatever they eat.
  • Taking Saffron in large doses may result in hemorrhage, jaundice and diarrhea.

Have a healthy phase of Pregnancy. Stay Safe, eat well and look before you leap.



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