Shilajit and Its Benefits

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Shilajit and Its Benefits

Shilajit is known as ‘Mineral Pitch’ or ‘Mineral Wax’ in English and Its Found Mainly In Mountains Areas Like In Kashmir Leh Ladakh and Tibet regions.The Speciality Of Shilajit Is To Over Come Various Diseases Of Patients which Are Suffering From Sexual Power and also Beneficial For  Healthy, Young and Just Married Persons.
Shilajit is capable to overcome many diseases which we will discuss now
  • shilajit can prevent Impotence or sexual dysfunction
  • shilajit increases sexual power
  •  capable of increasing sexual arousal
  • shilajit prevents women from irregular menstrual period
  • Many serious diseases can be prevented with shilajit
  • If we talk about diabetes and high blood pressure which can’t be cured with the help of shilajit we can cure to a large extent
  • Shilajit is very beneficial With the use of shilajit your young skin may look more younger
  • shilajit helps in preventing headache and if anyone is suffering from nightfall or premature ejaculation and wants to cure then it can be treated like this

Shilajit for men

  1. Mineral Pitch = 25 gm
  2. Calx of Iron = 10 gm
  3. Saffron = 2 gm
  4. Succinum = 2 gm

Mix all these ingredients and make it like pill or tablet by consuming 1 tablet each in the morning and evening with milk and It will almost cure sexual dysfunction and your physical stamina and digestion will increase

pure Shilajit Online

  • If anyone is suffering from diabetes for him shilajit is like an elixir
  1. Mineral Pitch = 20 gm
  2. Pterocarpus Marsupium Powder = 40 gm
  3. Turmeric = 20 gm
  4. Fenugreek powder = 40 gm
    Mix all these ingredients and grind it well dry the shilajit and grind it separately and mix it well. Consume it with half teaspoon of blackberry juice if its possible you can make blackberry juice at home otherwise it is easily available in the market by consuming this diabetes gets almost cured
  • If anyone is suffering from high blood pressure ( high b.p) and wants to get cured,then it can be treated as follows:
  1. Consume Shilajit 2-2 in tablet dosage
  2. Consume 2 teaspoons of Hemidesmus indicus (Indian sarsaparilla) & Liquorice in morning and evening
  3. Consume swadishtha virechan churna in the night to prevent constipation with this high blood pressure comes to normal.
  • It is capable to cure headache to cure headache use the following remedy:
  1. Mineral Pitch = 5 gm
  2. Tinospora Cordifolia = 20 gm
  3. Rubia Cordifolia or madder powder = 20 gm
Mix all these ingredients and fill it in a bottle and consume half teaspoons with Indian gooseberry jam for 4 times per day then headache will get cured.

Side Effect Of Shilajit

shilajit Side Effects

Shilajit is strictly prohibited in some conditions if a person is suffering from acidity or hyperacidity
burning sensation in body reddishness in eyes or stomach ulcer in this conditions, shilajit should not be used in any way and if you are using shilajit then some particular things should be taken care of
  • Use of red chili only for namesake in the diet, mutton, fish, eggs, alcohol, oil, jaggery tamarind or sour food should not be consumed
  • Sleep on the time in the night and wake up early in the morning

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