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If you haven’t visited Kashmir yet, I suggest you book your Tickets and reach the destination as fast as possible. This beauteous place appears to be the Darling in Crowd in Any season you take. It is winters right now and I tell you, you must not skip the chance of visiting the mighty high plateaus of Gulmarg. Had it been summers, I would have suggested you roam through all the allies of Kashmir whether Sonamarg, Pahalgam or Gulmarg.
During winters and good health, the tip is to consume something that provides heat to your body. Talking about the costliest spice of the world- the Yellow gold or what we call it in simple Language, The Saffron.
where to buy saffron in delhi
Saffron is beneficial in a number of ways, to begin with-

  • Saffron helps in Cancer prevention and to some extent maybe helpful to cancerous Patients. Research has shown that the crocin present in Saffron leads to a number of cancerous cell death be it leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, ovarian carcinoma etc. Also, ha sit been found that those who consume Saffron have a stimulated growth of Lymphocytes- that protects our body like a shield. Moreover, Saffron inhibits the production of Malignant cells.
  • Saffron is used in treating memory related issues, nervous disorders like Parkinson’s disease and inflammation.
  • Saffron balances the hormonal issues.
  • Saffron reduces the inflammation of Lungs caused by the Asthma thereby it can be termed as a cure to lung issues. Moreover, Saffron cures whooping cough and loosens the phlegm from respiratory tracts.
  • Saffron acts as a hepatic deobstruent which means it removes the obstructions from the liver, leading to the opening of the ducts.
  • The compound crocin found in Saffron helps in fighting moderate staged depression.
  • Compound Safranal has analgesic effects- thus relieving Pain.
  • Saffron has anti-aging effects.
  • Moreover, Saffron helps in boosting appetite, soothing acidity, tackles nausea, in fact, helps to soothe menstrual cramps in women.
  • Because of the presence of compound crocetin, heart rate is reduced which means it prevents you against heart attacks and heartburn.
  • Other than being a source of crocetin, it is also a good source of Potassium- hence a great help for hypertension sufferers.

Where to buy Saffron in Srinagar?

where to buy saffron in srinagar
Having visited Kashmir, the best place to visit for saffron Purchase is Kashmir Online Store.
This Store Has own  Saffron fields in Pampore- where laborers hand cultivate the spice and harvest it with no technology in Use. Kind of, the saffron cultivation is itself a festival in this part of the world. Songs are chanted by the workers whilst working so that ease is felt altogether and work turns to the enjoyment.
Even though, if you haven’t visited Kashmir yet and aren’t planning to visit any time soon, Order the product from Kashmir Online Store and They will home deliver your desired stuff anywhere, anyhow.

Where to buy Saffron in England?

Southern Europe has vast lands that support the Saffron Cultivation. However, in the year 2012 England witnessed the regrowing of Saffron after 2 Centuries. Yet, Saffron in England can be from Essex,  Greece, Spain, Morocco, Iran, and Kashmir. Despite being in another continent and with a huge distance, England does import saffron from Iran and Kashmir- all because of their inexpensiveness in comparison to other countries.
Amazon Has Got one Option where You Can Buy Saffron but You Can’t Differentiate what Is and Which type Of Saffron Is This .The Saffron thread is red in Colour Its Pretty hard To tell which and What Type Of Saffron It Is. But if You want Organic and I Have personally used Saffron Then With :

Where to buy Saffron in Delhi?

One can find Kashmiri Saffron in The Streets Of Delhi.You will See A Lot of Shopkeepers Are Selling Saffron In the Name Of Kashmiri Saffron But again a Normal Customer Can’t differentiate what Type this Saffron it is.Kashmiri Saffron Has Its  quality Based Saffron Shopkeeper will Never Sell Saffron So Cheap if That Is of Pure Quality but i Suggest You Go for Online Shop of Kashmir Like Kashmir Online Store They Have Fresh Organic and Aromatic Saffron and have Own fields

Where to buy Saffron in Shimla?

Parts of Himachal Pradesh Might cultivate saffron commercially But Its Too difficult to Grow Saffron and Its Climate Varies and You Know in Kashmir Saffron also Grows Some Particular Areas Of Kashmir Like Pampore and Some parts of Srinagar and Budgam Area. So, There is Less Chance You can Grow Saffron In Shimla and They get Saffron from Kashmir and Tell You that this Saffron is From Shimla Himachal But still There might Be Iranian as well and be Cautious. Iranian Saffron Have less Cost value Than Kashmiri Saffron.

Where to buy Saffron in the USA?

If Your in USA Based You want To try For Saffron then Search Out from amazon or any Other Local Store.There are Three Types Of Saffron Available Currently in the Market Of  USA and It  is the largest consumer of Saffron in the world.
These are :

  • Iranain Saffron
  • Afgan Saffron
  • Kashmiri Saffron
  • Spanish Saffron

Among all I Have Taken so Far and best I quality I Can See Is The kashmiri based Saffron which I Have Buyed From Kashmir Online Store. Rest You Can Check and See the results.However, the saffron from Spain is very much accepted in the region But I personally recommend You Take From Kashmir Online Store

Where to buy Saffron in Chennai?

where to buy saffron tea
Chennai consumes domestic saffron from the state of Kashmir however, imports are made from the world’s largest producer- Iran too.Ever Family member Use Saffron,Shilajit,Almonds,walnuts and figs for There health. As Far I know People Of Chennai Tamil Nadu,Telengana,Hyderabad,Karnataka and Mumbai People Uses Saffron Most widely.I recommend Them Take From kashmir Online Store.

Buy Kashmiri saffron

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